How the excise tax rebate works


For years the Italian Customs Agency has been providing economic incentives for the recovery of excise taxes on diesel and fuel for many business sectors. The process for companies to obtain a tax break in the form of a rebate requires specific skills and in-depth knowledge of relevant regulations.

After the recent series of regulatory changes, excise duty on diesel is now more than €0.60 per liter. It is clear, then, how saving around 70% of this expense is as important as ever for the finances of companies that use construction machinery, special vehicles, and work vehicles.

To obtain the €0.43 excise tax rebate per liter of fuel used to produce motor power, certified data acquisition tools (i.e., fiscal metering systems that record the parameters stipulated in Circular 5/D) are required, as well as a set of administrative procedures and protocols laid down by the Italian Customs Agency, and specific technical documentation to support periodic refund requests.

WAY offers the market a clear and comprehensive service which includes a free feasibility assessment, the management of technical services & the supply and installation of the fiscal metering system, and the administrative management of all paperwork. All this is supported by cutting-edge technology that  reads vehicle data and GPS tracking remotely.

Reasons for choosing WAY for excise tax rebate

  • WAY has been providing diesel and fuel tax rebate consulting services since 2010. Over time, its service offer has reached a unique level of safety and reliability in the market thanks to the company’s constant focus on current tax regulations, constant staff retraining, and ongoing support to its clients.
  • The company also guarantees total transparency by providing detailed information about its work methods, operation timeframes, and estimated costs.
  • To date, WAY counts over 90 custom’s agencies throughout Italy which continuously refund its customers. This means more than 8,000 fiscal metering systems have been installed for over 600 companies that benefit from excise recovery.
  • The numbers qualify WAY as an undisputed benchmark in the excise tax rebate industry in terms of experience, reliability, technological innovation, and knowledge of regulations and operating procedures.
  • WAY’s greatest strength has always been the quality of its service, consisting of constant advice and support from a team of qualified experts at all stages of the process, on-site installation and maintenance of fiscal instrumentation, reliability and punctuality in the preparation of periodic administrative documentation, and the possibility of receiving service upgrades over time with advanced security and vehicle monitoring functions.

​​​Partner with WAY for excise tax rebates

Are you a tax or administrative consultant? If your clients are among the companies eligible for excise tax rebates, you can partner with WAY to offer them a truly comprehensive service package.

Are you a manufacturer or distributor of earthmoving, work, or construction equipment? By partnering with WAY, you can offer your clients an all-round service that also includes the possibility of accessing excise tax rebates for the production of motor power, leaving WAY to take care of all the administrative and technical aspects of the service.

Finally, if you are a fuel distributor, you will also be able to benefit from the WAY partnership formula for excise tax rebates, enabling you to offer your clients an extra service, and setting yourself apart from your competitors.

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