Information about tickets and rates

SaMoTer visitor regulationsVISITOR REGULATIONS
Terms and conditions for ticket holders

Purchasing a ticket (for buyers) and displaying the ticket to reception staff on entering the Exhibition Centre (for holders of other tickets) entails full acceptance and confirmation of the Terms and Conditions of the Visitors Regulations published by Veronafiere S.p.A. (the complete version is available here above).


Requests for invitation letters are currently suspended


accompanied by owners or other handlers

Inside the Veronafiere Exhibition center, all dogs must be fitted with collar, bearing the appropriate municipal plate, and must be kept with solid leash no longer than 80 cm. All the big dogs like mastiffs, Great Danes, the Doberman, the shepherds and the dogs biting nature, must also be muzzled. The dogs of the police force, during use for the school purposes, can be kept without a leash and muzzle.

Tickets & concessions

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  • disability between 80% and 100%: free admission *
  • accompanying carer: free admission (in the cases prescribed by law)
On presentation of documents testifying to 100% disability, 80% to 100% work disability, Category I Service invalidity, total blindness or residual eyesight of no more than 1/10 in both eyes with possible correction, deafness.
  • disability between 40% and 79%: concession ticket **
  • accompanying carer: no concessions are envisaged
Upon presentation of disability certification or disabled parking ID card together with identity document.


Other services and useful information
Veronafiere has large parking areas with car parking spaces reserved for visitors with disabilities on presentation European Card and an identity document of the person with disabilities travelling on board. In addition, it is possible to hire manual wheelchairs at the entrances to the exhibition centre on presentation of an identity document in order to move around inside the exhibition centre. Availability is limited and it is not possible to make reservations in advance.
There are bathroom facilities reserved for guests with special needs in the Exhibition Centre.