A free showcase dedicated to SaMoTer 2020 exhibitors

The difficult times we are all experiencing have given rise to evident difficulties and concerns about the near future. Nevertheless, we want SaMoTer to be an occasion for sharing and comparison enabling us to look immediately forwards and explore innovative solutions to offer our clients.

SaMoTer 2020, #strongerTOGETHER


To express our close support for a sector in which we are sure we play an active role and also to make an effective contribution to the visibility of the companies that have placed their trust in us, we have decided over the next few months to upgrade our showcase dedicated to exhibitors at SaMoTer.



We are keen to promote the coming SaMoTer exhibition (Wednesday to Sunday 21-25 October 2020) by highlighting you, your products and your initiatives and thereby create a virtual preview for our community of visiting professionals.


How will we achieve this?

From May to August, the official media communication channels will become a tool giving voice to all your news.

SaMoTer 2020 #strongertogetherSaMoTer 2020, #strongerTOGETHER
Download here all information to benefit from our special initiative