Komatsu will introduce its Smart Construction set of services at the Samoter Lab


Komatsu will introduce its Smart Construction set of services at the Samoter Lab.

It will be explained all the pros of Smart Construction and how can it make our business more profitable. A simple question as: How do we do that? Is easily answered on the spot… Smart Construction applies IoT tools, software technologies and data analytics to improve jobsite efficiency throughout the whole construction cycle. Today, Komatsu has introduced also the Smart Construction retrofit kit, a fast and cost-efficient way to enable your conventional machines to collect as-built and payload information. A PC138US-11 (Hall 8, booth B2-C7) will be presented with retrofit kit.

It will be highlighted the importance of Komtrax (a free service for Komatsu customers), an experience that Komatsu has started 20 years ago and that today delivers to our customers a fast-track access to Industry 4.0.

Introduced in 2006, Komtrax is Komatsu’s state of the art wireless monitoring system. It gives us an easy way to track our machines, monitor their performance and stay up to date about the status of the equipment. Komtrax is now factory-fitted on every new Komatsu machine. Can I receive notifications for any unusual location changes? Can I activate the engine lock preventing unauthorized usage? How can I avoid fuel theft? These issues are all tackled by Komtrax.

And last but not less important in the Komtrax service panorama, the latest Komtrax plus.

Komtrax ISO API (Application Programming Interface) is an ISO 15143-3 compliant server to server data transfer solution that lets your system access your Komtrax data directly. You can import your machine data into your own system, consolidate your fleet in a single platform and combine key Komtrax data with your existing data. Komatsu understands the value of Komtrax data for our customers, and how it helps our distributors to support them. Komatsu treat telematic data with great care and responsibility and is fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulation.

For the 2023 event, the company will put on display several machines with an “i” designation in the model’s name—with the “i” standing for intelligent. Where “intelligent” stands for “data connected”. That “i” connection is there to help the unskilled operators as well as contractors, providing them productivity-enhancing automation along with cutting edge job site design.

We will see a D61EXi-24 and a PC210LCi-11 operating in the digital worksite and a PC290NLCi-11 and a GD675-7 with 3D Topcon will be showcased indoor.

25 machines, on the overall, will be presented during the fair. And the HB365NLC-3 could not be missing the show since it was and still is to the present day the “iconic” eco-friendly machine excavator.

Komatsu Hybrid system is at the forefront in cutting emissions since 1999. The fully electric Komatsu hybrid system employs regenerative braking, via the swing generator-motor, to transform kinetic energy, during swing deceleration, into electrical energy that is stored in the ultra-capacitor. The recovered energy stored in the ultra-capacitor, can then power the electrical swing system, or help accelerate the diesel engine through the motor-generator mounted between the engine and pump.  During these times of environmental awareness, the undeniable benefits provided by Komatsu Hybrid excavators help to reduce the construction industry’s impact on environment.

Hall 8 will host also the BR380JG-3 mobile jaw crusher. The BR380JG-3 has a unique CO2 off setting scheme, which is applied to each and every one sold in Europe.

In the static area, a PC170 with blade will grab the attention of experts in the field, it is regarded as a more than welcomed new option that increases machine versatility even more. There will be the queen of wheel loaders, the WA475-10 showcased in the aggregate configuration with the new Submonitor.

 The Submonitor creates a new interface for the operator to interact with the machine’s assist systems; that include an Extended Load-Pilot, a new Rear Supervision system with high-definition camera and rear radar obstacle detection, and an all new, performance boosting Efficiency Trainer module.

Customers have plenty of reasons to visit Komatsu booth and feel the Komatsu way.

Tokyo-based Komatsu is the second-largest construction equipment manufacturer in the world. Its core construction, mining, and utility equipment business contributes around 90% of revenue.

 Komatsu Ltd. has announced at the end of January 2023 its consolidated business results for the nine-month period (April 1- December 31, 2022) of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023. The first year of the mid-term management plan, consolidated net sales totaled JPY 2,539.2 billion, up 26.0% from the corresponding period a year ago. 

Komatsu Europe International n.v. (KEISA) is the European Headquarter of the Komatsu Group. Many people work at the Vilvoorde headquarters: technicians, sales profiles, marketing and legal experts, administrative staff.

In Europe, Komatsu manufactures at:


Komatsu Italia Manufacturing S.p.A.

It designs and manufactures construction equipment. Its products include excavators (PC138US, PC170) and a large range of utility equipment: mini and midi excavators, backhoe loaders and skid steers loaders.


Komatsu UK Ltd. (KUK)

Komatsu UK Ltd. manufactures medium-size and large crawler excavators (17 to 70 tonnes) and working gear excavators.


Komatsu Germany GmbH

Its product portfolio includes construction machinery, mining excavators and industrial presses. The manufacturing plants are in Dusseldorf and Hanover.

It goes without saying that an important key factor of Komatsu success in Italy lies on the fact that it manufactures in Europe and specifically in Italy, delivering a Japanese technology, made in Italy.

In Vilvoorde is placed the Komatsu Parts Distribution Centre as well.

Stocks of replacement parts and consumables are maintained centrally, at Komatsu Europe Parts Organization facility in Vilvoorde, Belgium, with highest turnover parts and consumables also stocked locally by our regional Sales and Service Organizations.

Komatsu sophisticated central parts system is directly linked to the Komatsu Sales and Service Organizations across Europe, Africa and Middle East. Orders are confirmed and delivered in a matter of hours. Komatsu has recently expanded the logistic centre with new warehouse extension.

 The new extension covers an area of 10.000 square meters, increasing the total warehouse space in Vilvoorde, Belgium, to over 59.000 square meters. It is equipped with recent sustainable technology including 840 solar panels, already installed, to provide a yearly production of 32,499 MWh, for an estimated 3.323 tonnes of CO2 reduction over 20 years. More than 1.000 additional solar panels will be installed in the coming year. Other high-tech features include light captures on the roof that rotate with the sun, floor heating, and a safe storage place and foam sprinkler system for hazardous or dangerous materials.

  • 59,000 m² warehouse space
  • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) and Known Consignor certified for faster delivery of air shipments.
  • 200,000 items / 7,000,000 pieces in stock
  • 98% consolidated overnight delivery ratio in Europe
  • Special 24/7 service available upon request
  • Daily shipments until 20h45