In keeping with its identity as a promoter of safe and effective use of mobile overhead access systems, the global overhead lifting/hoisting authority implements updates of the certification required to minimize exposure to risk for workers when working at height

Applying the same rigour with which it pursues and promotes safe and effective use of mobile elevating work platforms around the world, through multiple initiatives and training programmes for safety monitoring, IPAF - International Powered Access Federation has decided to regulate the renewal of licences issued to operators in a more comprehensive and articulated manner than Italian regulations.


The PAL Card (Powered Access Licence)

Valid for 5 years after issue, the PAL card (Powered Access Licence) is issued by IPAF to all operators who have successfully completed a training course at an approved training centre.

By now widely recognized by major international companies, the PAL Card is proof of the highest training standards in the mobile elevating work platform field.


Current legislation

Compulsory training and certification required in relation to overhead lifting systems is regulated by the State-Regions Agreement dated 22/02/2012 and envisages a refresher course for renewals of at least 4 hours, of which at least 3 hours of practical study.

However, Circular n° 12 dated 11/3/2013 by the Ministry of Employment specifies “(...) the possibility that 3 hours for topics covering practical modules may be carried out even in the classroom with a maximum number of course participants of 24 persons”.


A more rigorous approach

Given the non-mandatory character of practical tests for operators, with a view to better protection for them, IPAF has decided to go beyond regulatory requirements and formalities to introduce final tests for both modules (theoretical and practical). Operators updating their IPAF qualifications through an Authorised Training Centre must therefore also pass a practical machine operating test – and continue to have assurance of high-profile training and even better personal safety and protection.


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