The planning of works to ensure safety levels starts off with funds set aside for 2019

Funds totalling 315 mln euros are now available for safeguarding local areas against hydrogeological instability

Italian Environment Minister Sergio Costa has signed the official decree that transfers the funds set aside in “Stralcio Plan” worth 315 million euros to the Regions for executive projects safeguarding local areas against hydrogeological instability.

Just two months after issuing approval of the list of tasks entitled to financing, the resources needed to start planning for safety works were made available in the funds for the regions involved for a total of 263 interventions, all characterised by urgency that can no longer be postponed.

Hydrogeological instability: 315 million euros for 263 urgent tasks in the Italian regions

“I am very satisfied with this result. It demonstrates that we can pursue policies to protect the quality of our local areas very quickly,” said Costa. “I was determined to speed up the procedures that slowed down funding for hydrogeological instability and I am satisfied that I have met this priority. I wish to thank the representatives of the Regions and the Provinces, Emergency Commissioners, Hydro-Geological Instability Commissioners and Local Area Authorities for the fruitful collaboration that helped us achieve this important goal”.


Source: Ministry of the Environment and Land and Sea Protection


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