A new strategic partnership agreement signed in Verona today. Joint initiatives during the run-up to the 30th edition of SaMoTer

Federcostruzioni and SaMoTer join forces to support growth in the Italian construction sector. The Federation belonging to Confindustria that brings together the leading productive categories of construction sector and Veronafiere, organiser of the landmark trade fair in Italy for earth-moving and construction equipment, today signed a cooperation agreement ahead of the event scheduled in Verona 22-25 February 2017.

The objective of the partnership is to develop promotional and training initiatives to support a system that in Italy is worth more than 400 billion euros and employs 2.6 million people. Yet this sector is still suffering from a far-reaching crisis, having lost between 2009 and 2014 nearly 30% of production and 650,000 jobs, although 2015 showed some signs of a gradual recovery with substantially steady forecasts for 2016.

This resumption can only be consolidated by action to start new projects for public works, at the same time as encouraging energy saving, quality and sustainability. These are the focal topics for the 30th edition of SaMoTer, taking in solutions for environmental emergency and safeguards, the territory and hydro-geological risks, with special reference to intelligent machines. hybrid low-emission and high efficiency machines, technological platforms for human to machine and machine to machine interaction.

“The agreement,” said Maurizio Danese, President of Veronafiere, “is another effective step forwards benefitting the national construction system. The collaboration with Federcostruzioni strengthens SaMoTer's role as the reference platform in Italy for the international promotion of companies in the construction and site machinery and equipment sector, backed up by two other shows scheduled simultaneously dealing with bitumen and road infrastructure and road transport and logistics.”

“Collaboration between Veronafiere and Federcostruzioni,” Rudy Girardi, President of Federcostruzioni, agrees, fits in with the approach always followed by the Federation of supporting all initiatives that highlight the real role of the construction sector in Italy, in terms of both production and employment, as well as to encourage the adoption of suitable measures stimulating the recovery.”

The partnership involves the creation of a joint work group in the research field to develop technical and scientific studies in the sector, as well as the design and development of training events associated with the themes in the forefront of SaMoTer 2017 and participation at Federcostruzioni appointments during the run-up to the event, such as Road Shows in Italy and the SaMoTer Day. 


Source: SaMoTer-Veronafiere Press Service


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