Italian Association of Mining Engineers

A.N.I.M - Italian Association of Mining Engineers

A.N.I.M. is a non-profit, non-political association. Its primary social-cultural objectives include the study of the issues involved in solving scientific, technical, economic and legislative questions affecting the mining-quarrying industry, excavation engineering and related activities, the full use of resources and the recycling of mineral waste, the management of excavated lands and rocks, large underground and open-air works, the safety of construction sites, the defence and enhancement of local areas and environmental protection.
The Association also establishes and maintains national and international contacts involving technicians, professionals, organizations, associations and other stakeholders or operators active in the sectors indicated above.

A.N.I.M. organizes study days, attends trade fairs and conferences, and uses the press, IT systems, the Internet and its own website to share knowledge of the problems in the sectors where it operates through free expression of the Association's opinion and the promotion of competent and constructive debate.



Eng. Domenico Savoca

General secretary

Eng. Nando Ferranti
T. +39 339 7087831


A.N.I.M - Italian Association of Mining Engineers
Via Castiglione 25, 40124 Bologna, Italy
T. +39 335 1555681


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