SaMoTer Innovation Award
2020 edition

Italian version

International Technical Innovation Competition

SaMoTer Innovation Award


To select and promote an international “showcase” for technical and technological development in the construction equipment sector with the intention of rewarding the results of innovative investments and offering professionals the chance to extend their knowledge of the technical-construction and functional evolution affecting various aspects of site activities.



The Competition is open to:

  • manufacturers
  • representatives or official importers
  • research institutes and institutions
  • universities
  • professionals

SaMoTer Innovation Award - Application form and RegulationsSUBSCRIBE TO THE COMPETITION
Application form and Regulations



Companies can participate in the Competition with machinery, equipment, plant and prototypes boasting new concepts and practical innovations and/or fundamental improvements of existing machines.
The products admitted should offer effective innovation in the Company’s product range and, despite having already appeared in some forms on international markets, have to be officially presented for the first time in 2020.


The innovative features taken into consideration may refer to energy saving, productivity optimization, resolution of ergonomic or safety questions and sustainability aspects in the construction processes and of machines, as well as other aspects that in any case ensure an evident added value for the product or service presented for the Competition.



Organized by: SaMoTer-Veronafiere

With the contribution of: Costantino Radis, technical journalist

SaMoTer Innovation Award - The JurySAMOTER INNOVATION AWARD
Members of the jury



The official Award Ceremony and press conference will take place in the occasion of the SaMoTer B2Press, a networking day which brings companies and journalists together in the run-up to SaMoTer with the aim of highlighting productions that will be exhibited at the fair.

  • 23 January: SaMoTer Innovation Award
    award ceremony
  • 24 January: SaMoTer B2Press
    upon registration only for exhibiting companies
    (more information will be available soon)