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verona, Italy 22.25 march 2020
preview day 21 march

SaMoTer tickets

All the information about entry fees and how to purchase your ticket or pass for the 30th edition of SaMoTer

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All types of entrance ticket are valid for visits of SaMoTer, Asphaltica and Transpotec exhibition halls


Daily ticket - valid for 1 entry
At the ticket office: € 15.00 • On-line in advance: € 8.00
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4-days ticket - valid for all days of exhibition (1 entry per day)
At the ticket office: € 28.00 • On-line in advance: € 20,00
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What are the advantages of advance on-line ticket purchase?

  • print your entrance ticket directly from your home or office
  • avoid unnecessary waiting in queues at ticket offices and access the Show directly
  • savings thanks to our early bird special rates


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Tel. +39 041 2719009 (Monday-Friday: 9.00-19.00 | Saturday: 9.00-14.00)
E-mail: veronafiere@bestunion.com



Early-bird registration - valid for 1 entry
On sale exclusively at the ticket office on presentation of the coupon: € 10.00

Are you unsure that you will be able to attend the Show? We even have a solution for that!
You can pre-register on our site to receive a coupon which you must then present at the ticket office on the day of your visit to the show that will enable you to purchase tickets at the promotional rate of € 10.00

>> Pre-register here and download your coupon


Concession ticket (children 6-12 years • students) - valid for 1 entry
On sale exclusively at the ticket office: € 8.00


Free admission (accompanying teachers • children 0-5 years) - valid for 1 entry
Free entrance tickets are only issued at the ticket office


For children, the appropriate form accepting liability for minors AVAILABLE HERE as well as available at the ticket office MUST be filled in.
The completed form must be presented at the turnstiles on entering the Show.



Concession ticket
(visitors with disability between 40% and 79%)

On sale exclusively at the ticket office: € 8.00

The ticket is valid for 1 entry and is issued on presentation of disability document or disabled parking ID card together with identity document.
No concessions are envisaged for any accompanying carers.

Free admission
(visitors with disabilities between 80 and 100% and their accompanying carers)

Free entrance tickets are only issued at the ticket office

The ticket is valid for 1 entrance and is issued to Italian or foreign visitors in possession of the following certification or documentation testifying to 100% disability, 80% to 100% work disability, Category I Service invalidity, total blindness or residual eyesight of no more than 1/10 in both eyes with possible correction, deafness).
A free entrance ticket is also issued for the accompanying carer.


Other useful information
Veronafiere has large parking areas with car parking spaces reserved for visitors with disabilities on presentation European Card and an identity document of the person with disabilities travelling on board.
In addition, it is possible to hire manual wheelchairs at the entrances to the exhibition centre on presentation of an identity document in order to move around inside the exhibition centre. Availability is limited and it is not possible to make reservations in advance.