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verona, Italy 22.25 march 2020
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SaMoTer Outlook: useful tools for analysing the construction industry

SaMoTer Outlook is the new observatory dedicated to the world of construction equipment implemented by SaMoTer itself in partnership with Prometeia, a leading company in the analysis of current trends and prospects for the Italian market, with the information input of UNACEA (Italian Construction Equipment Association). It aims to provide useful tools for analysing the current scenario in the sector and forecasts for the near future.

SaMoTer Outlook useful tools for analysing the construction industry Samoter

SaMoTer Outlook

In collaboration with Prometeia with the information input of Unacea


Supporting companies to find new opportunities in the international scenario of the construction industry

The data analysed will be divided into three distinct areas based on regular monitoring and publications.


a. Monthly reports: International trade


  • present Italian import-export data for the construction sector with reference to the total number of construction machines and, more specifically, to the trade sectors covered by SaMoTer:
    earth-moving machinery, road machinery, concrete equipment, tower cranes, aggregate preparation machinery, drilling machines.
    Monitoring includes details of flows by macro geographical area of origin (imports) or destination (exports).
    >> Go to the dedicated section to see the data


b. Quarterly reports: Construction industry


  • provide a concise overview of the main market situation trends in the construction sector in Italy and short-medium term investment prospects with reference to the general macro-economic and sector specific scenarios (residential building – new and renovations alike – non-residential construction and civil engineering).
    >> Go to the dedicated section to see the data


c. Annual reports: World market for earth moving machinery


  • provide a brief, organic framework of the world earth-moving machinery market in the light of the most recent sales results (in terms of machinery number) on the leading world markets by the main product lines;
  • provide detailed analysis of market situation trends and short-medium term prospects in relation to the main driving forces having an impact of demand in the sector, with a special focus on the situation on the Italian market.