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Verona, Italy | 2020

SaMoTer Days

SaMoTer Days – a full immersion in the world of construction equipment and building machinery. An ideal opportunity for companies to find out about market data, trends and opportunities in Italy and worldwide

SaMoTer Day


Veronafiere Congress Centre
Viale del Lavoro 8 - 37135 Verona (Italy)


March 2018




free of charge | registration required

Past editions

1st SaMoTer Day - 10 December 2015
>> 1st edition PROGRAM


2nd SaMoTer Day - 16 June 2016
>> 2nd edition PROGRAM


3rd SaMoTer Day - 28 November 2016
>> 3rd edition PROGRAM


What is SaMoTer Day?

A day dedicated to the world of construction equipment, and a not-to-be-missed opportunity to take stock of the construction machinery market in Italy and abroad well in advance of the top-flight 30th edition of SaMoTer (22-25 February 2017).

Present innovations, new business tools and prospects, as well as encourage debate today to understand the future better: SaMoTer and Veronafiere are at the cutting edge and keen to create a successful event for everyone.

With this spirit and in the wake of such renewed support for the construction sector, SaMoTer has decided to invest in a variety of activities and tools designed to provide effective support for the needs of companies in the industry. The promotion of new forms of business alongside consolidated channels also involves innovation of formats by launching new initiatives such as SaMoTer Day. This is a training-information event providing an overview of the current situation and future prospects to support companies find new opportunities in Italian and international scenario.


Who's it for?

SaMoTer Day targets at companies and, more generally, sector operators involved in various ways in the construction industry.


What does it offer?


SaMoTer Outlook

SaMoTer Day seeks to provide useful tools for analysing the current scenario in the sector and forecasts for the near future by promoting a Construction Equipment Outlook implemented by SaMoTer in partnership with Prometeia, a leading company in the analysis of current trends and prospects for the Italian market, and with the information input of Unacea.

SaMoTer Day will provide a brief, organic framework of the world earth-moving machinery market in the light of the most recent sales results (in terms of machinery number) on the leading world markets by the main product lines and a detailed analysis of market situation trends and short-medium term prospects in relation to the main driving forces having an impact of demand in the sector, with a special focus on the situation on the Italian market.

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