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Verona, Italy | 2020

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Information for EXHIBITORS
E-mail: exhibitors@samoter.com

Information for VISITORS
E-mail: info@samoter.com



Area Manager
Luciano Rizzi


Assignment of exhibit spaces and Services
Mr Marco Battocchia
Tel. +39 045 8298 317 • E-mail: battocchia@veronafiere.it
Fax +39 045 8297 317


Adv in fairground, Events and Conventions
Ms Valentina Ferronato
Tel. +39 045 8298 303 • E-mail: ferronato@veronafiere.it


Marketing, Communication and Promotion
Ms Sandra Trentini
Tel. +39 045 8298 338 • E-mail: trentini@veronafiere.it


Official Catalogue
Mr Matteo Marcolini
Tel. +39 045 8298 331 • E-mail: marcolini@veronafiere.it

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No outside agency is authorized to propose and/or receive advertising in the name of Veronafiere


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