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Facts & Figures - 2017 Edition

Veronafiere – since 1997 – has undergone voluntary certification of data by FKM in order to warrant qualitative-quantitative statistics detailing attendance at the events

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Veronafiere was the first non-German Exhibition Centre to join FKM (Gesellschaft zur Freiwilligen Kontrolle von Messe - und Ausstellungszahlen), the organisation operating since 1965 in voluntary control of statistics related to trade fairs and exhibitions in Germany.

By adopting the FKM system, Veronafiere is therefore able to provide quantitative data (number of exhibitors, visitors, show area and national vs. international spread) and qualitative data (based on direct interviews with Italian and foreign visitors).

FKM certification confirms the absolute transparency, clarity and precision of the data detailing the event's target audience.


Facts & Figures - 2017 Edition

3.png 53,508 VISITORS, 14% international from 77 countries

1.png 455 EXHIBITORS, 25% international from 25 countries

2.png 41,074 NET SQ.M. OCCUPIED over an area of 65,000 gross sq.m.

7.png 276 JOURNALISTS, 83 international

* Data are FKM certified


FKM's purpose is to encourage maximum transparency in the sector with special reference to the truthfulness and clarity of data for individual events that associated exhibition organizers must communicate and publish on the basis of strict standard criteria only after successful certification by independent auditing companies.